Mahli The Label was created by Bec and inspired by her daughter, Mahli.

Bec, was a born creative and would often spend her younger years writing poetry, delving deep into the world around her and expressing creativity through writing.

As Bec grew she started traveling the world and her love for fashion was ignited. She firmly felt that fashion was a form of art and self-expression.
When Bec was 27 she had a beautiful baby girl named, Mahli. This was when  her passion and creativity intensified and when Mahli was two years old, Bec's vision became reality and after years of research and work, Mahli The Label was born at the end of summer 2018.
The bohemian spirit of Mahli flows through her designs featuring bold statement pieces & signature prints - inspired by travel,  romance, nostalgic silhouettes ~  a wearable form of art.
Mahli The Label has now expanded to be a size inclusive brand and a place for women of all sizes to feel empowered and beautiful.

All Mahli products are handmade with love in Bali by small family run manufactures who Bec has a very close relationship with.

Bec xx
Creative Director & Founder